A Network of Professionals

Being part of this programme is a unique experience. You are a network of professionals who can support, engage, motivate and empower each other in the business world, students at university and those who attended the very same high school’s as you.

This network is about you making contact with each other, contributing to the development of others and furthering the philosophy of pay-it-forward.

Unpacking Promaths Impact

With over 10 years of assisting students to improve their Maths and Science matric marks, Promaths wants to take stock of the lives it has impacted. We want all alumni to fill out an online form, so we can capture your stories of success. Please share this with any Promaths alumni you are in contact with. We want to understand on a personal level how the programme shape who you are, assisted you to access your studies and on a professional level, influenced your career choice?

Your information will also be used in an Actuarial Research Project geared towards quantifying the impact of Promaths on the economy. Our aim is to understand how Promaths has boosted the black talent pool of professionals and how many Accountants, Engineers, IT, Medical and other professionals the programme has produced.